Tudor Black Bay Watch Blue dial

When the heat wave comes, do you also feel the boredom and anxiety brought by the warming? Presumably, what we want to do at this time is to embrace the sea, so the diving watch has become the focus of attention. Interestingly, today’s diving watch is not only exclusive to professional diving enthusiasts, but also a daily commute choice for more and more watch friends. Not long ago, the tudor replica Watch released a new model: black bay 1958 “Navy Blue”. Whether you are a diving enthusiast or a professional expert, this watch may be our inevitable choice this summer.

Tudor black bay 1958 model was launched in 2018, which belongs to a more subdivided category of black bay series. The appearance design follows the brand’s first diving watch with water-proof depth of 200 meters and nicknamed “big watch crown” in 1958. At the beginning of the series, there were only black and gold colors. Now the release of the new black bay 1958 “Navy Blue” has added a variety of choices for watches friends.

The size of black bay 1958 “Navy Blue” is smaller than that of the original black bay. The diameter of the watch is 39mm, which is the closest to the prototype in the history of imperial watch. Although the watch circle is popular with large diameter, it is still difficult for most Asians to control it. The size of this 39 mm tudor watch is just right, and the feeling of using it is a comfort and clothing tie that has not been seen for a long time.

The watch uses a blue dial with a matt blue anodized aluminum one-way rotating outer ring. The numbers and scales on the dial are silver plated. The whole watch looks as fresh as the sea. This color first appeared on a blue diving watch launched by the imperial watch in 1969. After that, it was applied to other sports watches, thus forming a “tudor blue” feature.

The dial has the landmark snowflake pointer of tudor watch, white dot and bar time mark, which is very eye-catching and easy to read. At 12 o’clock, the helmsman’s shield is marked, and under the surface there are waterproof 200 meters and the Observatory’s certification seal. On the side, you can see that the watch mirror is slightly convex, and the thickness is also reduced, so it fits the wrist better. On the other side of the crown is engraved with the emblematic rose shape of the tudor watch, which is particularly exquisite. The crown is added with pit pattern treatment, which is convenient for the wearer to operate underwater.

The new wristwatch is equipped with mt5402 movement of the original tudor watch, which has the display function of hour, minute and second. The movement adopts the classic finish of the original movement of the tudor watch. The one-piece hollow tungsten automatic pendulum is treated by sanding process and matched with sandblasting details. The polishing and sandblasting finish on the splint and the main splint are interlaced with each other to decorate the laser decorative pattern. The compact back design of the watch has 70 hours of power reserve, which means that if you take off the watch on Friday night, you can use it on Monday morning without rewinding and adjusting.

In addition to the steel chain, the wristwatch comes with a strap and a woven strap, which is made by Julien Faure, a company in St Etienne, France, and woven on a 19th century jacquard loom. It is of high quality and comfortable to wear. The factory’s woven strap was first used on the Kaicheng Chronograph in 2010. In 2020, tudor watch and this 150 year old family business ushered in the 10th anniversary of cooperation and launched close cooperation.No.:m79030b-0003,m79030b-0002,m79030b-0001 …all replica diving watches .

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