Rolex YACHT-MASTER and Rolex Submariner

In the vast ocean of Rolex, there is a Rolex in the dark: he is wearing the golden armor and stepping on colorful auspicious clouds. What the poison master can’t imagine is that it is him······

The Rolex I want to talk about today was born in an era when all kinds of waste were flourishing in the watch and clock industry. His appearance gives Rolex new vitality, which has been unchanged for decades, and its positioning is the new aristocracy of Rolex, making Rolex gradually step onto a new peak period. He is Yacht-Master, who was born in 1992. Compared with other big brothers, he is still very young.

1953: Rolex Explorer.
1953: Rolex Turn-O-Graph.
1954: Rolex Submariner.
1954: Rolex Millgauss.
1955: Rolex GMT-Master.
1956: Rolex Day-Date.
1963: Rolex Daytona.
1967: Rolex Sea Dweller.

Friends who are familiar with Rolex should be familiar with sub, that is rolex Submariner. As a representative work of Rolex sports watch, his evolution process has been improved to the extreme over the years. It is certainly a good thing to make the best of the diving watch. Rolex extended the professional model of sea Ambassador based on the rolex Submariner in 1967, which made the rolex Submariner stand in the top position in the diving table.

In the 1990s, with the progress of technology, Rolex team gradually found that the competition of diving watch became more and more fierce, so a new watch was urgently needed to continue to stabilize its position as king. Through market research, it is found that Rolex watch positioning has always been a strong and durable middle end watch, which is difficult to make the brand have higher added value. Therefore, the company decided to develop a Rolex with high-end and luxury positioning.

At that time, the Rolex design team constantly adjusted the design, which could not go beyond the original identification system, nor design out of date and without creativity, which almost exhausted all ideas. The process was also the most painful, and it was not until 1992 that the design team completed the new watch. However, Rolex, a conservative, is still worried that the improvement is too radical, which will affect the sustainability and integrity of the whole Replica Watch Rolex Submariner.

From the name alone, we know that the positioning crowd of yacht celebrities is different from that of “Rolex Submariner”. The design of water ghosts is more suitable for professionals such as underwater staff and captains, and the positioning and design concept of yacht celebrities are really consistent with the translated names. Yacht master, the owner of yacht, is the rich class who is leisurely watching the sea and holding parties on the water.

The yacht style also made a simple important time node:

In 1992, the first YACHT-MASTER, 40mm, 3135 movement, ref.16628.

In 1999, the first steel YACHT-MASTER, 40mm, ref.16622. Then, in 2005, the Jian Jin model ref.16623 was launched.

In 2007, golden yacht II, 44mm, 4161 movement with countdown function, ref.116688.

In 2012, the improved steel YACHT-MASTER, 40mm, ref.116622, until 2019, the 3235 movement is updated to ref.126622.

In 2015, rose gold rubber belt YACHT-MASTER, 40mm, ref116655.

In 2019, platinum rubber belt YACHT-MASTER, 42mm, ref.226659.

After a large number of historical background, it is not difficult to find that yacht has two major characteristics: noble and comfortable.

All yachts are equipped with K-gold two-way rotating outer ring as standard, which is not possessed by other series. In addition, the design of shell type and watch strap is more comfortable and more casual and fashionable rubber belt style is also provided. Next, let’s enjoy the two original best gold labours brought by the poisoner. They are ref.16628 of the first generation yacht and ref.16618 of the same period. By comparing the two, we can understand the differences more clearly.

Let’s take a look at the design of the yacht. The whole body is golden, and the watch is wrapped in 18k gold. The rich and noble atmosphere is particularly conspicuous. As for the yacht designed by Rolex team, we can see many new elements.

For example, for the timing circle of the rotating outer ring, the font has been newly designed to highlight the three-dimensional figures, and the effect of sand blasting on the bottom is made, which is obviously different from the traditional Shuigui aluminum circle. The luxurious positioning of yacht can be seen through the complicated outer ring craft. The red font of the yacht master pierces the psychological defense line of many fans.

It is worth noting that the pointer and scale of yacht are the first to use the large-scale standard, which is the same as those on sale. With the passage of time, the blue disk has a slight fading, evolved into a gray blue effect.

Let’s take a look at the end of this old Rolex Submariner, there will be some differences in configuration. If the glass has a small crown, the inner ring has inscriptions, the new luminous paint is used, and the case has been changed into a closed ear hole. The blue of outer ring and disk surface is more lively and eye-catching, the enchanting blue circle makes the disk look bigger visually.

Comparing the two closely, it is not difficult to find that the outer ring has changed significantly. The wide and thick shoulder pads and the large-scale pointer scale have been fed back to the new Rolex Submariner. It can be said that Rolex Submariner created yacht, and yacht also innovated Rolex Submariner.

The two types of watch bands are equipped with solid head grain. The body of the watch strap is of plate and band design. The middle is polished and the two sides are drawn. rolex has brought it into one of the high configuration standards. It is worth noting that the ear difference between the two is also very large. The front surface of the Rolex Submariner ear will be drawn, while the yacht is polished and polished. This small detail leads to a great difference in vision. The Rolex Submariner is more sharp and straight because of the drawing shape. Yachts tend to be smooth, less sharp water chestnut processing.

Looking at the case from the side, it is not difficult to find that the bottom cover of the Rolex Submariner will protrude a little more, and the thickness of the case is almost the same. The watch case with a slight arc is more appreciative, which is also a pity that new workers do not have.

What’s wrong with as like as two peas, who are familiar with rolex, will find out how the yacht shell is exactly the same as the Rolex Submariner. In fact, the shell design of the gold yacht of the first generation was based on the Rolex Submariner version design. Later, the female yacht ref.69628 released in 1994 was changed to the round blunt ear design, and then the male yacht slowly changed to the round blunt type ear design.

On the clasp, the crown position of the two watches is slightly different. The yacht puts the crown on the safety buckle, while the Rolex Submariner is on the buckle. The main reason is that the Rolex Submariner’s clasp has an extended strap section and a longer buckle length. Turn over and look at the bottom cover of the watch. It’s also very rich. The oyster type dense bottom cover made of 18K gold can’t see the movement, but I don’t know why. I like it very much. Maybe it’s the brand-new aperture, maybe the neat teeth, or the four corners of the K-gold mark, which always gives people a sense of practical satisfaction.

As we get older, the love for gold is also expanding. Maybe this society is too impetuous, or maybe only gold can give me more sense of security. Do you really need a reason to like rolex watch? Do you need it? No need?

The beauty of the first generation yacht may be unique, with more bright publicity, comfortable wearing feeling, really do not need too many reasons. The poison master saw him and took him down. He became the first sports gold worker in his life. He was still very satisfied.

So about Rolex YACHT-MASTER and Rolex Submariner.which one do you like?

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