Hermes Heure H TGM

The Hermes Heure H watch offers a timekeeping experience that can be endlessly customized and transformed. There are tons of case sizes to choose from, different straps and bracelet types, as well as classic and special colors and materials. Regardless of your style, if you love diversifying your accessories, the Hermes Heure H watch is a fantastic choice to add to your collection, effectively giving you “multiple watches” in one.

The Hermes Heure H watch comes in 4 different case sizes. From smallest to largest, Hermes Heure H case sizes are the Mini model (21mm), the Small model (25mm), the Medium model (30mm), and the Large model (34mm). Hermes records their Heure H watch case sizes using the lug-to-lug height measurement. The actual case diameter is what FASHIONPHILE goes by. If you know your Hermes case size, you can cross-reference the chart below whenever browsing Heure H watches at FASHIONPHILE. It is helpful to know which case size you have as that will guage which interchangeable strap size to buy.

Hermes Heure H watch cases are skillfully fashioned from stainless steel, available in both silver and gold-plated options, with some featuring a diamond-encrusted bezel for added luxury. The watch face, also referred to as the dial, typically features numerical hour markers, though some variations may lack them entirely or have only the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions marked. These subtle nuances cater to your personal preferences.

Aside from case sizes, the Hermes Heure H watch also has various straps and bracelet options. There are standard tour straps made of leather and double tour straps, which coil around your wrist multiple times to create a bolder and more pronounced look. For a dressier look, there are bracelets made of steel.

The leather tour straps on Hermes Heure H watch are interchangeable and can be removed, allowing you to transform your watch with new materials and colors! However, it’s advised to bring any Heure H steel watch to a trusted horologist to change up those – but they are interchangeable. If you need a size adjustment, the Hermes After Sales Specialists located in Hermes boutiques are always happy to assist!

Hermes regularly updates its inventory of Heure H leather watch straps, so if you have a particular item in mind, it’s advisable to check their website periodically or keep in touch with your Sales Associate (SA). Alternatively, for a more efficient option, consider setting up an item alert with FASHIONPHILE, and you’ll receive immediate notifications when we have the item you’re seeking in stock.  With the case sizes, bracelet, and strap options, the fun part is knowing all the colors and materials that you can choose from for your Hermes Heure H watch! Predominantly, leather straps come in Epsom, Swift, and shiny or matte alligator. These interchangeable straps also come with a steel pin buckle so make sure to note the color of your case so it matches your new steel pin buckle!

As for Hermes colors, the sky is the limit! As you know Hermes colors are vast and depending on the material you choose, the color can come out differently. Epsom, Swift, and alligator absorb color dyes differently.

While the Hermes Heure H watch is a chic timekeeping accessory, it also has so many options for personalization. From various case sizes to bracelet types as well as different colors and materials to choose from.

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