Richard Mille RM 074

There’s an assurance to the watches of Richard Mille RM 074, an assurance that comes from the fact that the brand knows they are at the absolute top of their game, and everything is exactly where they want it to be. The construction is impeccable, the materials and their articulation so ridiculously high-tech you feel like you need a degree in advanced physics to understand them fully. And the aesthetics? Well, it’s Richard Mille. The watches exude the brutish beauty that makes them feel like they exist in a slightly parallel dimension, present but otherworldly. The two new additions to Richard Mille’s automatic tourbillon line-up, RM 74-01 and RM 74-02, certainly possess these unique characteristics.
First up, the more sedate of the two new offerings, RM 74-01. This watch, in Richard Mille’s familiar tonneau, is cased in grey Cermet, which combines the lightness of titanium with the hardness of ceramic — a combination which works pretty well on a watch, it must be said. The material is exclusive to Richard Mille in the watch space, and they’ve made the most of it. Inside the stealthy grey case rests the in-house CRMT6 calibre, with electroplasma treated titanium bridges emphasising the long, curvy case and highlighting the tourbillon with a free-sprung balance that dominates the bottom of the dial.
If the RM 74-01 is stealth, the RM 74-02 is pure wealth. The case middle and calibre bridges are 18K red gold, but it’s another gold-flecked material that really makes this watch shine; Gold Carbon TPT. Richard Mille has a long and rich history with Carbon TPT, and this is the latest expression. The material really ticks all the boxes for the brand. It’s lightweight and corrosion resistant, but also incredibly technical. The final material is created by alternating some 600 layers of Carbon TPT and gold leaf, varying the orientation of the fibres by 45 degrees to ensure strength and that pronounced appearance.
Bringing gold into the Carbon TPT mix is particularly challenging, as the properties of the metal are very different, making the process of fusion and finishing a delicate one. The results speak for themselves, as the laminated layers give the RM 74-02 an unmistakable appearance.

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