How about German watch?

German cars are very powerful, especially those luxury brands; Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and Porsche almost monopolize the luxury car market; so the question is, if you buy a German watch to play, who should start to buy it?

You can see: 1. There is only one town in Germany? 2. No hedging, lower threshold for Glashuette? 3. What are the typical elements of German watch? 4. The black history of German brand in the era of Germany and Germany? 5. Montblanc is good-looking and affordable, but it also has hard injuries? 6. Watch is not only made in Switzerland, but also Germany watch?

The word “Deweier” comes from the car.

In the automotive field, “de Weier” represents rigorous workmanship, extremely high driving quality, top-level industrial design interior, and unique high-level texture. In recent years, German brand cars in China have become less and less “Deweier”, but the three German brands of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi still occupy 70% of the domestic luxury car market, while Porsche holds the top position of sales and profit of higher-end luxury brands. This is the “German taste” of German cars.

At this time, take a look at the wristwatch market. The status of Swiss brands in the world is just like that of German cars in the automobile market. Even many people don’t know the story of German wristwatch brand and Glashuette. Because it’s really a small town, you can’t even book a decent hotel during the peak tourist season.

In fact, Germany is also the main force of watch consumption in Europe. Whether new watches or used watches, Germany is one of the largest consumer markets in Europe. Germany also has a lot of very well-known and well-known watch dealers, they use professional, rigorous and high-quality service, also won the favor of many watch players.

In fact, there are many watch brands in Germany, such as Langer, Glashuette, Montblanc, nomos, Yulian, etc. among the top brands, Glashuette and Montblanc are high-end brands. There is even the opportunity for export to domestic sales. There are also some small brands in Germany. In fact, they have their own characteristics. The main reason is that the price is close to the people and not expensive.

Glashuette watch replica , that is, after the unification of Germany and Germany, inherited the main body of Glashuette’s watch factory. Compared with Langer, the price of Glashuette is much more user-friendly. Although there are no real popular models, there are still some classic watch models. Moreover, the discounts and prices in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao are good. Even though the value preservation rate is not very good, the purchase cost is relatively low. When changing the watch, it is not as painful as Langer, which often costs hundreds of thousands of yuan.

At the same time, Glashuette also inherited many classic elements of German table, such as eccentric plate, big calendar, gooseneck fine adjustment and so on. The core grinding can only be regarded as fair to watch, but the price is put there, for example, the protagonist in the video, European tax rebate plus a discount, the price is very close to the people. If you consider second-hand, a good watch is about 40000-50000 yuan, but what you get is a different “Deweier”.

My suggestion is that if Replica Watch Glashuette is fond of the taste of German watches, it may be more appropriate to follow a brand like Langer, which may be more economical. Of course, if you are not poor money players, then have a few unique Lange, is also a good option.

In a word, although German watches have their own characteristics, they are not suitable for beginners or those who follow the trend. If you just buy one or two high-end watches to decorate the facade, German watches are not as well known as several Swiss brands. Therefore, German watch is more suitable for watch lovers and players who like “Deweier”, which can be used for seasoning when changing tastes.

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