Glashuette Original PanoMaticCounter XL Replica Watch 1-96-01-02-02-01

Glashuette replica watches always have their own charm. It is rare that all series of watches under a brand can have a certain similarity. The pano classic series of panomaticcounter XL replica watch introduced this time can remind you of many kinds of wristwatches in appearance, but it has a special function, which is absolutely not common, which is the counter function. In fact, the principle of this function is not complicated, but it is not common to add it to a watch. In addition, the timing function makes people think of the code watch in the hands of PE teachers in primary school. Although it is not a valuable thing, it still makes people curious. Official model: 1-96-01-02-02-01

PanoMaticCounter XL 1-96-01-02-02-01

Panomatic counter XL, in an excellent mechanical movement to add a wonderful complex function – the counter. The dial clearly shows that it can count and accumulate things from 1 to 99. What would you record with it?

44 mm steel double-layer case, will not let people feel strange. In the steady black dial, the display content is quite full. The second hand and dial suspended on the bottom dial make the dial full of three-dimensional and design sense. The time display dial, metal relief time scale and silver hour hand clock are opposite to the overlap of the time dial, which is very eye-catching.

There are four circular dials and two square display windows on the dial. Each of the four circular dials overlaps. The zero return of the small second dial and the 30 minute clock dial are all turned 60 degrees to ensure the best visibility, but they do not affect each other. A red and a white two square display window, as if two windows, for us to show different scenery.

A double digit window with red numbers on a black background at 9 o’clock is used to display the timing content. The numbers in the window will increase with the action of the buttons in the middle position, one unit at a time, from 00 to 99. The decreasing handlebar at the 8 o’clock position is used to reduce the number, while the return to zero button at the 10 o’clock position is used to return to zero (00).

From the side, the size of the plus minus button is different from that of the zero key, which is easy to operate and avoid errors. And the key of the counter is different from that of the timing button, and the details are well done.

The crown of the watch is located in the center of the other side of the watch, and the upper and lower parts are the start / stop and return to zero of the timing operation. This watch also has the function of the classical time code meter for flying back of the guide pillar wheel. When timing, press the return to zero button to automatically start a new round of timing, saving time and simplifying the operation.

Black alligator leather strap, the texture of the strap is regular, quite texture, with stainless steel folding clasp. The waterproof depth of the watch is 30 meters, which belongs to the daily waterproof.

The watch is equipped with a brand-made 96-01 movement. It has a patented two-way up chain structure. It uses a stepping gear to make the power transfer to the movement more quickly and effectively, and can respond to the wearer’s action more “wisely”. The movement frequency is 28800 times per hour, and the power reserve reaches 42 hours.

This glasshuette pano classic series panomaticcounter XL 96-01-02-02-04 wrist watch is elegant in appearance and powerful in core. In addition to the complex function of flight back timing, it also has unique counting function. The counting function seems very simple. In fact, it is not easy to add this function to an already complicated movement. Glashuette’s own R & D team designed and developed this powerful movement with 217 independent parts. This also makes the watch different.

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